How it Works?

Here’s how our process looks like:

1. Submit your book for review. First, fill out our online submission form outlining the details of the price promotion for your book. Use our booking calendar to select the day of your promo- each order is for one day of promotion.

2. Once we receive your submission our team will review your book to determine if we will be featuring your story. If your title is chosen (which we hope it is!) you will receive a confirmation notice along with an invoice. If your book is NOT selected we will notify you via email within a few days.

3. After your book has been chosen as a feature for our readership it will be YOUR responsibility to coordinate the price reduction with your retailers. We recommend making price changes at least 24 hours in advanced to the day of your promotion.

4. All we’ll need is your story. Sit back and relax our team will handle any additional creative property.

5. The final step is confirmation from your retailers that the discount price of your book is in effect. Once the price has been verified at ALL locations, we will move forward in sending your book to our readers.

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